Cat and Dog pet services Terms

Pet Services Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions may be subject to change. Pet owners will be notified 7 days prior to any changes made.  Please ensure that you are familiar with the latest terms & conditions as set out below.

Cats & Dogs pledge a trustworthy, reliable, responsible and caring service to your pet. Should you find any cause for concern with our service please contact us immediately to discuss.

Cats & Dogs Pet Services are fully insured with Public Liability Insurance, Care, Custody & Control of Animals and Loss of Key Cover.

All Pet Owner information held on file will be stored safely, separately from any Pet Owner keys held, never shared with any third party and available to the Pet Owner on request.

We can retain your key in a locked safety box kept separate from all Pet Owner information or you can make alternative arrangements for key collection/delivery. Cats & Dogs Pet Services is not responsible for any keys requested to be mailed through letter boxes or left in any other Pet Owner place of choice. Should Cats & Dogs Pet Services be unable to gain access to your pet for any reason such as faulty locks, keys left in locks etc we will endeavour to inform you or your nominated emergency contact immediately and service may be forfeited without a refund.  Should an emergency locksmith or alarm company call-out be necessary you are liable for all charges incurred.

Cats & Dogs Pet Services will not walk your dog off-lead unless specifically requested. We are fully insured with Public Liability Insurance, Care, Custody & Control of Animals and Loss of Key Cover. We will require your dog to wear a collar and tag bearing owners name, address and postcode to comply with The Control of Dogs Order 1992.

Cats & Dogs Pet Services will not walk more than 3 dogs to one handler on a group walk.

Bitches in season will be taken on individual walks only or a toilet break may be offered instead.

Personal judgement will be applied and a walk cut short if deemed necessary (for example due to inclement weather conditions, illness or injury).

Should unforeseen circumstances occur Cats & Dogs will give the Pet Owner as much notice as possible should service require to be cancelled.

In the event of an emergency Cats & Dogs Pet Services will endeavour to contact the pet owner or in their absence the nominated emergency contact. However, Cats& Dogs Pet Services reserves the right to consult with the above Veterinarian if necessary and to make decisions in the owner/emergency contacts absence in the best interest of your pet. If veterinary advice or treatment is necessary the pet owner is solely responsible for any veterinary fees and insurance excesses.

Cats & Dogs Pet Services cannot be held responsible should your pet become ill as a result of not being up to date with any recommended vaccinations, boosters, worm, flea or tick treatment.

Cats & Dogs Pet Services must be kept informed of any medical conditions your pet either pre-existing or in the future.

Any items required for the care of your pet such as food, litter, bedding, medication, walking collars and leads must be provided by the pet owner.  Should any additional needs be required these can be purchased on your behalf and added to your bill should you require us to do so.

Cats & Dogs Pet Services is not liable for any loss, injury, damage or death caused by your pet either out walking or in your home. Please inform us of any behavioural issues or concerns you may have regarding this prior to booking our services.

Cats & Dogs Pet Services is not liable for any injury, damage, loss or death should you require your pet to be allowed unsupervised outdoors during our care.

Your pet may be required to travel in our Cats & Dogs Pet Services vehicle either for chosen walk location, pet to vet service or any other service selected by the Pet Owner.

Should your pet go missing Cats & Dogs Pet Services will notify you or in your absence your emergency contact. We will also contact your named Veterinarian, Micro-Chip Company, Insurance Company, local Animal Rescue Centres and the police should you wish us to do so. We will also regularly post updates on our social networking page with your permission.

Fees must be paid in advance.  Payment for “on the spot” services or reimbursement of expenses such as vet fees, food, litter or equipment is expected within 7 days.

Cancellations require a minimum of 24 hours notice otherwise the full amount may be charged.

If you pay by cheque and it is returned unpaid by the bank you are liable for any bank charges incurred as a result of this.

Cats & Dogs Pet Services reserves the right to deny or terminate service for any reason such as safety or financial issues, inappropriate situations, abuse or tThis may result in instant termination without a refund and the police will be notified.